Thought of the Day

Sunday, January 27, 2013

In Blogs We Trust...

You can't believe everything you read or hear and that is probably especially true on the internet.  So how do you know what your getting is good information?  The best advise I can give is that if it sounds reasonable and gives fact based information it can be trusted.  That said, take everything in moderation.  
Since there isn't a "Parent Manual" and "Parenting for Dummies" hasn't been published, we are all on our own to do the best job we can.  Most would agree that we cant just parent on instinct, as our parents did.  Following the status quo isn't only unfashionable, it can be dangerous.  There are so many hazards to our children these days, in the environment, the socioeconomic climate, political agendas, and more.  These 3 hazards are especially dangerous though, as they work silently to influence the very fibers which we rely on to create our "good" parenting skills.  
When it comes to the food we eat, getting the information we need off of nutritional labels isn't enough.  Huge corporations have enough at money to pay for passing of changes in the law so they can be sure their products look "natural" and "healthy".  Digging a little deeper, beyond the food labels, will reveal some disturbing information.  I could get on my soap box about an issue that is disturbing to me (Monsanto corn and modified corn products) but you can find it already.  It's all over the web and some of the best and most resounding information I have read and believe has been written in blogs, by women like myself, moms with a drive to make better decisions for themselves and their families.  Natural news just posted an article about a study that found moms are more and more often looking to blogs to find honest and reasonable information about food facts.  Here's the link.  It's an interesting read!