Monday, February 29, 2016

Daily Abayanga

My Daily Abayanga

I'm dedicated to giving myself a massage every day with some plain organic coconut oil.  I do it for other people all the time, but often skip myself.  I'm just taking 10 minutes every day for daily Abayanga. It's a gentle massage, more of an application of moisturizer. My hands are worse than awful too; all that handwashing between clients really dries out your hands, especially in the winter. Some days I add a couple drops of essential oils.  At night, it's nice to add a couple drops to some peppermint oil and give myself a foot massage; just how I like it.  
Here's the recipe I modified with DoTERRA essential oils:  

   DIY Whipped Body Butter

Monday, February 22, 2016

Winter Sports Injuries Series - Low Back Pain

Winter is here and if you live like I do, that includes snow and cold weather.  It makes the days shorter and longer at the same time.  There are lots of reason to have lower back pain, but cold weather, extra gear, and extra chores add to the winter load for me.  

Do your days include snow pants and winter hats, gloves, and some pretty cold conditions.  Shoveling snow making you sore yet?  Me too.  Winter sure is hard on the ole back.  Massage is one of the best things for a good ole sore back.  Give it a try!

Watch this hilarious YouTube video I found about a month ago.  We have watched it over and over again.  Every one of these folks could have used a massage.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Read a Book a Month

The goal was to go to bed early, read more......Image 5

Hardly a moment passes once my head hits the pillow.  I am out like a light.  I can't seem to make it to bed "early" to read anyway.  The goal I set was to read more by going to bed earlier. Ppffff! I barely make it past bedtime! I have to read in the morning; maybe that is the new "early". My dad and all the old farts I grow to become more like are always up before dawn; this is early to them.  
In order to fulfill this goal of reading a book for my benefit, I am going to finish the book I started before the end of the month.   Maybe, just maybe, I will set a goal to read a book every month. I could carve out enough time to do at least that.

If you don't have a book, may I recommend, "Tiny, Beautiful Things", by Dear Sugar, an alias name for Cheryl Strayed, which is also an alias, but that's another story...
Just read this book. You will cry, and laugh, and have at least one radically empathetic moment. I'm not going to post a link for where to get it, because you can always get it at a book store! or in the library, or through Amazon; whaTEVER.
Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed | 21 Books To Read When You're Going Through Heartbreak

Yours Truly,
Audi Lyn

Monday, February 1, 2016

Facials: At Home or Professional

I use the DoTERRA facial cleanser and their moisturizer and serum too.  When I need to, about once a month, I use the Reveal Facial System and it buffs off the dead, rough skin. Getting a professional facial is totally worth the money, and you deserve it.  Treat yourself in 2016 to at least one facial.  Until then, try these products at home:

The perfect Peel at Home
doTERRA Reveal Facial System. I use this one or twice a week for smooth, young-looking skin.

Your face will never be the same.

Pimple patrol...

The Facial Moisturizer Smells Amazing, works great too!

Especially if you add this...

and this too, at night.