Friday, December 28, 2012

If you are still using toothpaste with Fluoride in it or if your kids are doing the weekly fluoride rinse in public school, you must read this Article!!!!!!


By Paul Connett, PhD

It is really easy to eliminate supplemental fluoridation from your life.  Start using Fluoride Free Toothpaste.  I suggest using DoTERRA OnGuard Toothpaste.  It is INCREDIBLE!  Drink filtered or bottled water, preferably filtered into your reusable water bottle, as to not fill up landfills with nasty plastic bottles.  If you have well water you are lucky!  Most importantly, stop taking supplemental fluoride, such as those given out in schools, immediately.  I cannot stress enough how dangerous fluoride is to the developing body.

This article reveals all the logical reasons to NOT use fluoride and avoid it as much as possible.  Some of the most resounding reasons include:

Fluoridation is a bad medical practice - because you don't have the choice of informed consent and the dosage cannot be controlled.

Fluoride provides no (or very little) benefit - Side by side comparisons show decreased tooth decay around the world with or without supplemental dental care with fluoride.


Evidence of harm to other tissues - Children are being over-exposed to fluoride.   Fluoride may damage the brain and lowers IQ.  It affects the pineal gland and inhibits thyroid function.  And if that's not enough, it also causes arthritis and bone damage including bone cancer.  The list in this category goes on and on and on......

If your kids participate in a fluoridation program, you should make them stop IMMEDIATELY!  The chemicals used to fluoridate water are not pharmaceutical grade.  
Instead, they largely come from the wet scrubbing systems of the phosphate fertilizer industry.  (See #41 in the linked article)   
The silicon fluorides may increase lead uptake into children’s blood as well.

A Powerful Reminder On The Importance Of Human Touch

Written by Rob Wright
Research by the University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute has revealed that human touch has wide-ranging physical and emotional benefits for people of all age groups. Touch has been shown to lessen pain, improve pulmonary function, increase infant growth, lower blood glucose, and improve immune function. As we age, we tend to touch less, often a result of societal inhibitions. This is unfortunate, as research has found that touch with moderate pressure stimulates a cranial nerve that slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure producing a relaxed more attentive state.

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