Monday, January 4, 2016

5 Ways to Treat Yourself in 2016

5 Ways to Treat Yourself Better in 2016

I read this blog a year ago and thought it was a good idea.  I put my spin on it for 2016 and I'm sharing it with you this year.  Maybe you will give it a try too:

Number 1:  Practice Abayanga  
That means I give myself a massage... okay.  This is easy!  Later this week I'm going to share a body butter recipe I'm using.

Number 2:  Take a YIN YOGA class
Well, my spin on that is much more yang.  I can do yin at home, to a video, thanks, but no thanks.  I do like a nice walk, even a long hike! I love my local Zumba class though.  That's more my speed.  

Number 3:  Put on a Face Mask and Chill.... all means. This is kind of easy too.  Watch for my recommendations for the best facial products!  Later this month!

Number 4:Go to Bed Early and Read.  
If I don't go to bed early to read it wouldn't happen.  Check back in February to see what I'm reading and if I recommend you read it!

Number 5:  Grab a Cookbook, and make a healthy meal.
I'd like to take this a bit further and try to make something, using a technique, or ingredients I have never used.  Maybe it means we should learn something new; how to play golf or do the NYT Sunday Crossword.  Or, a harmonica, perhaps.  Stay tuned!

Here's the article, written a year ago.

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