Monday, January 18, 2016

5 Ways to Treat Yourself Better Update

Here I am, a couple weeks in to my journey of self love, and happy to report I am willfully trying!  
Be careful: watching these videos might change your life!:
I am not doing Zen yoga, and to be frank, few parts of my life, outside of the 10 minutes of "Abayanga-like moisturizing" I do daily, are zen like.  I love to hike though.  I am, in fact, the co-founder of a women's hiking group on Facebook.  I know that doesn't count on my pedometer.  We just share our intel, gear, and experience, and hopefully empower other women to get out and hike too.  You might call it "Free the Tata's" meets "Free Life Coaching".  Feel free to send an invite and I can add you to the group.  It's called "Women of The Dirt".. and you dont even have to join the hike.
Girls Camp Ideas - if you are in charge of planning camp, these ideas will come in handy!:

Here's a link:  Women of the Dirt Facebook Group

Not hiking much in the winter in Idaho though, you say.  At least I have Zumba!  I love to go to my local Zumba class.  The class is free, because a couple of nice ladies organize it for the community.  You just can't object to dancing like nobody's watching on the church gym floor.  "If you build it, they will come," is really working here.  

I use this yoga mat cleaner recipe to clean my equipment, door handles, and the like.