Monday, March 14, 2016

Winter Sports Injury Series - Hips

Hips take a toll over the long haul.  The movement in the hips is very subtle.  When mobility is removed, like on icy conditions or when you are driving a lot, you can really stiffen up, causing pain and achiness.  
Massaging clients hips can be hard because most people are very guarded.  Even the most seasoned massage patron can unconsciously hold tension in the hips.  A skilled massage therapist (such as myself, just sayin’) and a trusting client can do really good hip massage.  

If you haven’t found me yet, I suggest stretching your hips.  Take the time to breathe through your stretching.  It's better to do one stretch right than three stretches incorrectly.  
I came across this great blog and have to re-share.  I can’t say it better than these folks do.